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 Courtesy Car Diary 
  Booked   Collected   Returned  

It's easy

  • Diary is the default web-page that shows courtesy cars status by date. The date range may be changed and a number of alternative page styles may be selected. Every cell is colour coded so you can see fleet status at a glance.
  • Booked is made by clicking on a green available cell and selecting the customer by name. A booked confirmation may be sent by email, fax, SMS or post.
  • Collected is made by clicking on a red booked cell and verifying the drivers licence details for insurance purposes. Insurance cover is started by this procedure.
  • Returned is made by clicking on a yellow collected cell and entering any returned information. Insurance cover is ended by this procedure.
available booked collected returned unavailable

That's it

  • When you can run this demonstration on your own computer then you have completed the initial survey to prove that your computer is connected to the Internet and has a suitable browser such as Internet Explorer.
  • This demonstration is your initial training to prove you have the skills to deal with a courtesy car; booked, collected and returned according to Road Traffic Act regulations.
  • Your next step is to fill out your garage configuration page that identifies your courtesy car fleet, the people you want to be authorised to do your bookings and pay the subscription fee. As soon as your payment has cleared, then your courtesy car booking service will be ready to operate.
  • This simple demonstration may only show 10% of the service facilities, but it represents 90% of your daily activities. Everything else is covered such as fleet management, insurance claim follow up, back office accounts, automated messages, Internet services and computer leasing schemes.